CityU Walk Contest 2016

Special Announcement 特別通告 - Android 安卓:

As there was a bug in the previous CityU Walk app version, all participants should update it to the latest version (dated 4 March 2016 or after) on or before 11pm, 7 March 2016. The CityU Walk Contest will only accept those participants who were using the latest version of the app. Please download the latest version from google play NOW!


因較早前的CityU Walk 應用程式出現錯誤,所以請各城大健步齊參與賽事的參賽者於2016年3月7日晚上11點前下載最新發佈的應用程式 (發佈日期為 2016年3月4日或以後)。 賽事只接受更新版本的用戶參與。 請即到google play 下載最新發佈的既CityU Walk 應用程式!